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Epos Caller ID Software

Epos Caller ID Software (more information)

Takeaway, Restaurants Telephone Ordering 

What are the benefits of Using Software for Call Centre Caller ID Software?
Most customers know the value of Caller ID Software; saving time and providing greater order accuracy, but they rarely consider the two most important benefits:
1)  Customer relationships: when someone calls, most integrated applications not only provide the customers contact information, but also show the last few orders on the screen.  When Employees know their customers, they naturally treat them better.  Employees actually start remembering customers when they continually see their information on the screen.  It is a fact that when customers are remembered they tend to frequent a business more often. 
2)  Driver Security:  when the Caller ID number does not match one of the phone numbers in the caller’s record, extra security measures need to be followed.  Delivery drivers are at risk for robbery or worse.  Restaurant can be held liable.  Caller ID can provide added security against malicious acts as well as prank orders.  The world’s largest pizza delivery operation, Domino’s Pizza, requires every US franchisee to have a working Caller ID unit in their location for security reasons.

Epos, Restaurants, Takeaways Call Handling

You receive a telephone call and the software will check the telephone number within the SQL Customer database. It will look for all saved telephone numbers including land-line and mobile. The software will store all the telephone numbers relevant to that client, which could include, Home, Work, Mobile etc. If the telephone number is "recognised", then the software will immediately load that customer's details, including Call History, List of Orders etc. We can make it work for you:

If you require more data, we can provide customised screens displaying any information you need. We can also provide online reports within the "screen" with data or statistics. We can also link the screen into other working areas. We are specialist database and .NET programmers. Customisation is at extra cost, please contact us for a competitive quotation.

If the telephone number is not recognised, a NEW screen will appear and include the Telephone Number the caller used and a simple Contact Screen including automatic Post Code and address entry. We use Simply Post Codes who supply address data Nationally or just by local area. Once the information has been registered, then the client information is ready the next time, the client calls.

Simply Postcode 

UK Post Codes and Addresses

Simply PostCode 

Simply activate- enter postcode - select address - and our Postcode Software fills the appropriate FULL Address details into our Call Handling Software. The system may also be added to your own web site, giving your customers a better shopping experience.

Caller ID Integrated for POS



We are partnered with, the largest commercial Caller ID equipment manufacturer in the world.  Their complete product line is compatible with virtually all international and domestic standards.

Simply Postcode and WHOZZ CALLING 2 are part of the Software for Call Centre package. Please contact us for more information.