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Let us help you take food orders online - no charges

All of the services listed are customised solutions. We believe every restaurant, takeaway, pub or hotel is different and modify the software to work for you. We are very fast, most of our projects are completed within 2  to 4 weeks, no limit to the size of the project. We own the software and code, packages from £700:

Our latest Restaurant POS Software is the result of 7 years experience and input from our customers. It includes an integrated website which can be ordered as part of the complete software package or added later. The ePOS till and website are managed from one admin area.

We can help you market and sell your food online, you do not need a Merchant Account. We work with PayPal Express or PayPal Pro and can offer preferred terms. The money is immediately available in your PayPal account, simultaneously with the order being processed online and sent to you. There are no other charges. You do not need a domain name. Even if you have an existing website, U-EAT.CO.UK is another income source. We feature your restaurant, takeaway, pub or hotel.

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Welcome to our unique UK Food Directory; it includes Takeaways, Restaurants, Pubs, Wine Bars, Bistros and Hotels. We believe visitors to this web site not only order food for collection or delivery but also enjoy dining out; it could be a pub, wine bar, bistro, hotel or a Michelin Star restaurant.

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Includes Stock Control, Purchase Ledger and Meal Ingredients. You can import the cost of a meal from Meal Ingredients or enter the cost manually. Your Profit for every meal is automatically calculated. Meal Deals, Special Offers and Loyalty Schemes. On-screen dynamic shopping cart, split bills. End of day, SMS, Z report to your Mobile Phone.

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